Whether it’s hot or cold where you are, you need amazing hold times and performance from the products that you choose to use on your clients. This product line up can look different depending on what temperatures are in your area, so let’s focus on breaking down the formulas that are best for different environments.

Adhesive Bases

First, let’s talk silicone, water, and acrylic based adhesives. They’re all great options, but specifically shine during different times of the year.

Silicone and water based can be easier to clean up and will work well in winter weather. They generally provide a bit more of a gentle hold than acrylic bases. This is important because when temperatures drop, tapes become more rigid and acrylic adhesives can sometimes be too harsh for dry skin. Acrylic can also be hard to clean, but can be a good option for high heat during the summer. They also hold up well while your client is sweating and won’t turn white during the warmer weather.

Freezing Winters

As far as cold weather goes, it’s generally a better time of year for hair systems. For the most part, your clients should get more wear time from their unit installs and their hair system should last a bit longer. This is because there’s less wear and tear from sweating and outdoor activities.

If your clients are curious about different system base options, it might be a good time to try a poly unit. The colder months can be a great time to give these a chance because some people think they’re a bit too warm to wear during the summer.

Cold Weather Care

The products that we recommend for winter alternative hair wearing are Great White and Extreme Hold. Great White is a water based adhesive and Extreme Hold has a silicone base. Just like in the summer heat, leave-in conditioner is still a key product. It’ll help keep static at bay by giving the hair the moisture it needs. Our Leave-In Conditioner can also help detangle your client’s hair system if it gets wet.

Remind your clients to protect their hair system as temperatures drop. Telling your client to wear a beanie or felt hat can be a great way to shield their hair. Hats can also be an easy way to keep the hair dry from any stray rain or snow.

Now we’ve laid out the best products for whatever the weather is throwing at you, let us know which products you and your clients are loving! If you have any questions, contact us! We’re here to help you with any questions that may come up while using Walker Tape products.

Summer Heat

While summer is such an amazing and active time of year, the general weathering it can cause on a hair unit can be a drag. Sweating, showering more often, and swimming in the ocean and pools can really run a system through the ringer. If your clients are concerned about hold during the summer, we recommend reaching for Max Hold Sport and Ultra Hold. This combo is amazing for maintaining a strong hold through hot and sticky conditions because of Ultra Hold’s acrylic base.

Prevent Color Changes from Sun Exposure

Another factor to consider is “hair oxidation”. This is a change in the color of the hair system. If this is a new concept for you, think of how dark hair generally lightens in the summer and blonde hair can turn green due to too much swimming. This oxidation is caused by prolonged exposure to UV light, chemicals, and hair products. These various factors can cause the hair to slowly lighten or make existing red undertones become more prevalent and noticeable.

The best way to help prevent this is by keeping up on the proper maintenance. Using sun protection by wearing a hat or by using hair products that contain an SPF. Another easy way is to keep the unit looking pristine is to make sure that you (and your clients at home) are using the right hair products. This includes a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Keep in mind that conditioning the hair system is super important. This step will help keep the hair soft and pliable, while also preventing oxidation.

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