Get The Real beauty by the Unique Eyelash Extensions

Get The Real beauty by the Unique Eyelash Extensions

While the craze is hovering around lash extensions, much information goes unattended. Before going for any lash extension kit, does the question pop up in your head which one to choose for their types?

Well, we have got you covered! You will learn a lot in this article, along with getting your hands on the best product by VIP Extensions.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes applied to your natural lash hair and have recently gained popularity among millennial beauty enthusiasts. They are a step up from applying artificial lashes and are known to last several weeks. Because of the growing popularity of permanent makeup procedures such as lip blushing and brow micro-blading, eyelash extensions have become a popular technique. It is non-invasive, painless, and dramatically reduces makeup time.

How long do lash extensions last? — The Process

  • The first step is to schedule a consultation to determine which lash extension is appropriate for you. This includes deciding on the type of fiber (synthetic, silk, or faux mink), length, and curl type. The final decision will be on which form of extension looks the most natural with your characteristics. You can, however, go all out and get thick, fluttery lashes if you can commit to the care it requires.

  • Once this is completed, the professional will take over. Lash extensions are placed with a small, tweezer-like tool that precisely sticks individual lashes. The artificial lash is attached to each of your natural eyelashes one by one in a precise technique that takes some time, so be patient.

  • To avoid exceeding it, the process starts slowly with the first round, which can take up to two hours. After that, the technician will review the area again, touching up any bald areas left behind.
  • With this in mind, lash fills usually are recommended every two to three weeks. Because every individual might have different preferences regarding the thickness and length of eyelashes, thereby it’s important having a solid and open line of communication with your lash technician is essential.

Let us learn and discuss essential types of lash extensions which may fulfill your requirements of having volumized lashes:

       1. Faux Mink Lash Extensions

Faux-mink lashes are man-made fibers that are supposed to look like real mink fur. There are now some extraordinary quality faux mink lashes that are so wonderfully natural looking and lightweight that it's impossible to tell the difference. They also have some additional benefits, such as zero animal cruelty, super soft fiber, and being environmentally friendly.

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      2. Fan Eyelashes Extensions

Usually, a handmade process involves a few extensions removed from the strip, fanned, and glued to your natural lashes. Sometimes lash artists will make their fans before an appointment (these fans are referred to as "pre-made fans"). The magnetic magic root of eyelash extensions, the blooming so beautiful, no adhesive like the pre-made fans, so lightweight, yet easy to use.
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      3. Fanned Lash Extensions 

Premade volume fans can help you save time and improve your technique as a volume lasher. Premade fans, particularly heat-bonded fans, can make controlling the amount of glue easier. Pre Fanned Lash Extensions 12 Lines 3D are made of super silk fiber, saving time and giving you fluffy volumized lashes.
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Your Takeaway

Eyelash extensions are bold enough to be worn alone. They can have a 'wakening' effect on your eyes and draw attention away from dark circles and under-eye bags. This is why many women get eyelash extensions done to eliminate the step of clearing off eye makeup from their overnight skincare routine entirely.