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Pallet # 138 - Lot of Hair, variety of styles

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110 JANETW-T1B/144 Janet Body Wave (Wet Look) Color T1B/144
94 KK28PC-NORANGE Kanekalon 28PC Color Orange
99 KK28PC-NPURPLE Kanekalon 28PC Color Purple
125 KK9PC-1 Kanekalon 9PCS Color 1 (Jet Black)
125 KK9PC-4 Kanekalon 9PCS Color 4 (Medium Brown)
100 KKAF-S613 Kanekalon Afro Curl Color 613
100 KKBA-T1B/350 Kanekalon Baby Afro Color T1B/350
100 KKBBULK-P1B/30 Kanekalon Body Bulk Color P1B/30
100 KKCOILW-4 Kanekalon Coil Weaving Color 4 (Medium Brown)
100 KKCOILW-M99J Kanekalon Coil Weaving Color M99J
100 KKCOILW-T1B/30 Kanekalon Coil Weaving Color T1B/30
100 KKCOILW-T1B/RED Kanekalon Coil Weaving Color T1B/Red
50 KKDREADC-1 Kanekalon Dread Curl Color 1 (Jet Black)
50 KKDREADC-M99J Kanekalon Dread Curl Color M99J
100 KKHH-T1B/30 Kanekelon Hip Hop Color T1B/30
100 KKHH-T1B/33 Kanekelon Hip Hop Color T1B/33
90 KKSILKYD-2 Kanekelon Silky Dread Color 2 (Darkest Brown)