Eyelash extension lash shampoo

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Oil on our lash extensions breaks down the bond of our adhesive prematurely, and causes lashes to “slip” off! 

This is Definitely something we need to be avoiding!

Oil can get onto your lashes from a number of things:

-oil based eyeliners

-oily foundation

-oily make-up removers

but most importantly… oil can get onto your lashes from you… living! 

It is sebum that keeps our body hair from drying out, and it’s also what causes our hair to get oily after a day or two without washing

So how do we keep our lash extensions free of oil (sebum)? 

Lash Shampoo keeps your eyelid skin, and lash extensions: free of any dirt or debris, clean of bacteria, and most importantly… free of any oil

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