Tips How to Style Yourself with Natural Lash Extensions

Tips How to Style Yourself with Natural Lash Extensions

Eyes are the gateway to your soul. And a soul so beautiful demands a gateway to be elegantly adorned. Adorning the eyes not only lifts the whole look but also makes your eyes the center of attraction.

All the things that make our eyes look interesting include the shape of the eyes, the size of the eyes, beautiful eyelash-lined eyelids, etc. However, to enhance the beauty of your eyes, you can either apply some makeup or change the look. Though all the other mentioned features can’t be changed, eyelashes are still the ones you can play with. Eyelash extensions are an addition to your eyelids that can instantly glamorize your whole look. Available in different shapes, sizes, and even colors, eyelash extensions are capable of matching your every look.

For you, we have listed four exquisite looks and the best eyelashes that’ll ideally go with that look. Let's dive deep into each look.

Tips on Lash Extensions for Some Fab Looks


1.For a Romantic Look

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The gorgeous C curls Rapid Extension 5 D volume eyelash extension is the perfect match for medium to large eyes. Its single bundle of five root design gives you a fuller, voluminous look to your natural lashes. The uniform bundles of extension make the application more convenient, saving time on selecting uniform lash for grafting. Flutter your charms on your next date with enchantingly styled eyelashes.

2.For Everyday Natural Look

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For a lovely Natural look, go for classic lash extension Natural Lash C Curls. The lightweight material doesn’t look heavy on the eyes, making it suitable for small to medium size eyes. The soft C Curls give a dense eyelash look in beautiful black. Made from a natural mink, this eyelash is perfect for a natural look for daytime parties, picnics, or hanging out with your girl gang. 

3.Light Graceful Look

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Looking for lashes that are neither too natural nor too dramatic but something in between? Look no further. The most pleasing Heat Bonded Cluster Lash 0.07 in 10 D is all you need. These are quintessential extensions to add a light volume without giving a too-bold look. The cluster of 10  thin roots makes the application easy. You won’t have to look for all the right size lashes to create a light, voluminous look. These heat-bonded lashes bring down all the hassles for even the lash extension professional to zero. 

4.Over-The-Top Dramatic Look

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Sporting a different and unique look is not everyone's cup of tea. However, for all the bold and experimenting divas, these lovely rainbow lashes are here to let you flaunt your quirks fabulously. These extensions are available in beautiful brown, blue, red, purple, pink, and green colors. Each color extension has different sizes. You can go with one color or mix n match to make your eyes look as magnificently unique as the rainbow you desire purely.

Change the Look on the Go

Changing your look is good. The factor of novelty surely helps you maintain your excitement levels. And for such changes, you often go for changing the hair color, a new hairstyle, and whatnot. However, all these changes do take a toll on our natural beauty. Won’t you agree?

So, if you don’t want to bring an exciting change at the cost of damaging your innate features, try the natural human hair wigs from VIP Extensions. Style your wig as you want, color them, straighten them or play with curls. The choice is all yours

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