Why do my lash extensions fall out so fast

Why do my lash extensions fall out so fast

Do you want voluminous, lengthy lashes? Having trouble applying mascara or false eyelashes? Tired of seeking a high-quality product that will endure and function properly for you? Tired of wasting time and money looking for items, applying them, and then trying again when they fail? You are not alone in your fight; we have you covered!

Looking great all the time means spending less time putting on makeup and more time sleeping or enjoying breakfast. To feel great all day, every day. Eyelash extensions are an excellent substitute for mascara and false lashes. They help you to appear attractive throughout the day and night without having to remove them.

                Reasons lash extensions fall out:

Natural lash shed: Shedding occurs when our eyelashes fall off. Lash extensions typically come out when the natural lashes grow back in since they are affixed to your natural lashes. Choose lighter, finer extensions than heavy, strong ones since they will last longer. Your eyelashes will have an easier time supporting the lighter ones.

Oily skin: Oily cosmetics sometimes wash away the glue used to attach eyelash extensions.

Technician error: Your eyelashes may not stay in place for very long if the technician applying them to you does not use the proper glue.

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                          VIP Lash Extensions to the rescue—

VIP Lash Extensions brings you natural feel lashes which are soft, featherly and are going to change your entire perspective for them. These flawless extensions can save you the daily humdrum and considerably speed up your makeup process.

When worn alone, eyelash extensions make a statement. They may have an "awakening" effect on your eye and draw attention away from imperfections like dark circles and under-eye bags. This is why many ladies have extensions put on to completely do away with the need to remove their eye makeup before bed.

These handy eyelash extensions can also be customized to your preferred length, volume, fullness, or just something that highlights and shows off your eye shape, making them better suited to your individual facial features.

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How to take care of your Eyelash Extensions?

  • Avoid rubbing or picking at your eyelashes. They will just start to disagree sooner if you do this.
  • Your lashes and extensions will be harmed if you sleep with your face buried in a pillow.
  • Not keeping them up: Your long lashes' lifespan will be shortened if you don't take the necessary care measures.
  • To give the glue time to dry thoroughly, the salon advises against getting them wet for 24 hours. When you see how gorgeous you are, try not to cry.
  • Avoid using greasy or oily cosmetics.
  • When needed, schedule touch-ups or infills. Depending on the kind being used, this typically occurs every two to three weeks.                
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                     Key Takeaway

You don't need to wear mascara after getting eyelash extensions. It has been demonstrated that mascara may dissolve the glue holding the lashes together, particularly waterproof ones. Therefore, it’s better to refrain from wearing mascara.