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Eyelashes Accessories

Eyebrow Lift Gel 4g

Eyebrow Lift Gel 4g

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Eyebrow Lift Gel 

24 Hours Long-Lasting Hold 

Waterproof and sweat-resistant

Easy application 

Natural look

How to use;

  • Gently pick up a small amount of product using the spoolie end of Brush 12.
  • Using the back of the cap, work the product back and forth.
  • On clean brows, brush through the brow using upward motions and gently pressing down as you go.
  • Continuously brush them in the desired direction as it sets.
  • Using the metal ferrule of Brush 12 (on the angled brush side), use pressing motions to sculpt brow hairs into desired shape and lay the brow hairs down flat.
  • Next, fill in sparse areas of the brow using Brow Powder Duo and Brush 7B.
  • For natural-looking brows, apply the lighter shade in the front of the brow and the deeper shade from the arch (middle) to the tail (end).
  • To maintain optimal appearance and efficacy, cap must remain tightly closed at all times when not in use.
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