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VIP Professional

VIP M-Tip System / Curly 18"

VIP M-Tip System / Curly 18"

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The VIP M-Tip System is made of the finest 100% human hair!

The VIP M-Tip system employs a double-faced tape - in the shape of the letter M - to bond wefts of human hair to the recipient's own hair. This method of extensions takes considerable less time to attach than conventional extensions
. These wefts are conveniently cut into small sections to accommodate a chosen style.

The M-Tip System does not require heat or chemicals in the attachment process. If well maintained, it may be possible to remove, gently wash, air dry and attach new tape to reapply the wefts.

Quick Overview

Type: M Shape -
Tape to Bond Hair Extensions

Fiber: 100% Human Hair

70g Full Head Set

Length: 18 Inches

Texture: Curly - French Wave

Qty: 1 Set

10 sheets of 10 Strands - 100 Total Strands
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