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VIP Pre and Post Eyelash Application Glue Aid

VIP Pre and Post Eyelash Application Glue Aid

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Glue Aid Adhesive Curing Solution (Clear)

Use before applying eyelash extensions:

After cleaning the natural eyelashes, using a micro-brush apply the Glue Aid to the natural eyelashes. There is no need to blow-dry after applying the Glue Aid, and graft the interface in a moist state. 

Use after applying eyelash extensions:

Using a micro-brush, apply again to protect new lashes against sweat, dirt, water, and environmental chemicals that may attack lash adhesive to allow longer hold time. 

  • Helps adhesive to dry quickly
  • Reduces the smell and irritation of adhesive
  • Reduces allergy rate
  • Extends hold time
  • Oil, water and sweat proof
  • Save time!! Say goodbye to blowing and waiting!!



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